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City to add new high-level personnel overseas, "home"
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The morning of December 8, City Associations overseas talents back to the rendezvous with the foreign service stations in the formal establishment of even the experts, this is the city of innovation and technology personnel carrier services, close liaison with overseas talent, a new attempt. It also marks the start city to add a foreign talents, academic exchange, resource sharing and networking communication platforms. In recent years, intensified with the introduction of talent, the city growing number of overseas talents, their new medicine, new materials, new energy and other high-tech field, becoming the city to promote scientific development, leapfrog development and the strong force. CAST new overseas talent back to the city with focal points and foreign experts in the related service stations, through social activities, policy advice, academic exchanges, science and technology field trips to promote the city's policies and the introduction of talent in the creative talents of award with policy, science and technology experts understand the needs of overseas service technology experts, and further stimulate innovation and high-level entrepreneurial enthusiasm of scientists, promote overall social benefit.
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