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International investment bank bypass the European Union "salary limit order" f
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Once the crisis "culprit" bonuses paid bank executives, is bound to lead to the voice of protest, this is the most European governments concern It is reported that the United Kingdom in early 2011 about bonuses totaling hundreds of millions of pounds, to accept government bailout of the 26 largest banks have already signed an agreement not to grant bonuses, but there are still 2,700 financial companies said that unless the Government to amend the relevant regulations, or not complied with. How much money you made this year? Immediately to the Christmas holidays, boasting their own money to friends and family income is U.S. and European financial services industry the most exciting topic. In the United States, Wall Street, take the 6-digit decrease the number of bonus, a number of annual salary from 250,000 to 500,000 U.S. dollars for financial practitioners found that hard for a year, bonuses actually zero; EU member states to limit the bonus will drop hammer, grumbling bankers say the least, last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron also said that the future will limit the financial weight-loss program banker salary as a part of. There are policy measures under the British "Financial Times" reported yesterday that the restrictions in response to the bonus policy of the European Union, global investment bank is planning to adjust the salary structure to prevent the loss of financial professionals. Increase in basic salary against the salary limit order December 20, just received the financial aid the EU and the IMF Ireland, Finance Minister Brian Lenihan was angry, he discovered a year also receive government aid actually bank executives bonuses of up to $ 650,000, in order not to cause public anger, the Treasurer requested Bank handled properly. New Year approaching, the original January 2011 can get a bonus, but the shadow of the debt crisis, the EU member states and civil servants are ordinary people tighten the waist belt. Once the crisis the "culprit" bonuses paid bank executives, is bound to lead to the voice of protest, this is the most European governments to worry about. When the government "sounded the alarm bell" sound like "threat" level, the big investment banks are no longer contain himself, and their response is to raise wages, lower bonuses, block yo mouth. According to Bloomberg, the new bonus policy of pressure, from 12 in early London investment bank has a number of senior executives salary doubled to 35 million pounds ($ 552,000), HSBC said it would follow suit, will be basic salary than double, to prevent brain drain, to keep global competitiveness. The European Parliament on June 30 announced that from 2011 EU limit to the European bankers and securities traders bonuses. The measures include the delayed payment of bonuses and penalties on the speculation, starting next year, the SEC will only get them to float income (bonus) 60% of the remaining 40% will be appropriate in 3 years for replacement. If Trader has over Touji dangerous behavior, there may be deducted from the Yi Bufen Xianqian income distribution, access to government leadership of the rescued banks can not get bonuses. Analysts said that this policy does not work on the biggest investment bank, estimated that the most injured employees to the number of small banks. European financial talent or flee In Europe to discourage the bonus policy, many UK bank said it will reduce its international competitiveness, the EU leaders have several times in the summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) on the call for globalization, the global financial regulatory system, I hope non-EU banks on a voluntary basis to comply with EU rules. However, some bankers said ironically, "European politicians are too naive," unless the EU will immediately change this policy, base salary and bonuses will be tied up regulation, otherwise it will make performance pay to be a joke. It is reported that EU policies in order to meet the call of many American and Swiss banks are considered within the EU (mainly in London), senior bankers to raise wages and lower bonuses. But most banks insist on opposing the European Union pay mode. "We will have different parts of the world pay different wages to employees." A senior U.S. banker said, "the British people will get higher wages, but lower bonuses, prize money will be slightly higher in the United States." Bankers bitterness within the European Union is yet to come. EU limit premiums to big investment banks in Britain hit hardest this week, Finance Minister Osborne will continue to put pressure on British banks, to persuade banks to limit bonuses, the money used to help small business development, it is learned that the UK is about to release early 2011 totaling hundreds of millions of pounds in prize money, receive government assistance of 26 major banks have signed 协议 not to grant bonuses, but there are still 2,700 financial companies said that unless the Government to amend the relevant regulations, or not to comply. Analysts said that unless the EU would change the bill, otherwise, in the strict financial supervision and salary limit that policy, the financial brain drain or the exodus of financial institutions in Europe will become the mainstream. In the current economic situation and under the shadow of the debt crisis, the EU banking executives like getting rewards seem difficult, they will have to respond to the EU's financial fitness program, do a good job and the people with the tough times ahead preparation. According to the British "Financial Times" reported that, at present, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Group and UBS AG are prepared to pay employees within the EU structural adjustment.
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