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Guangxi: 6Kind the member that obtain employment strands difficult is obtained g
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Should not carry only do not choose, for family of 0 obtain employment the member arranges obtain employment post inside 30 days; 6 kinds of obtain employment strand difficult personnel, will obtain obtain employment to give aid to... if the government publishs the regulation of these stimulative obtain employment, are you full meaning? On September 4, municipal legal system does will " obtain employment of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region promotes a regulation " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) about make a circumstance be announced to the society, seek public opinion.

Cut down the member of persons employed should press firm order

Ask for opinion draft to plan to set, unit of choose and employ persons cuts down employee ought to abide by policy of governmental unemployment adjusting control. One-time cut down employee exceeds 50 people to perhaps cut down be not worth 50 people but occupy 10% above of worker gross and the spouse in same job unit, children to be cut down at the same time, ought to shift to an earlier date to unit labour union or worker (delegate) congress explains, plan cutting down the member of persons employed ought to service of beforehand newspaper labor puts on record.

The member that obtain employment strands difficult is obtained give aid to

Ask for opinion draft to plan to set, have the following one of 6 kinds of reasons realize obtain employment hard, belong to the member that obtain employment strands difficult: Deformity personnel is unemployed; Female above of 40 one full year of life, male above of 50 one full year of life is unemployed; Enjoy life of town dweller lowest to ensure and of the unemployment that register; The unemployment that register is successive 12 months still fail to realize obtain employment; Obtain employment comes true hard after be being collected because of land; Realize obtain employment hard because of other reason.

Strand difficult personnel to these obtain employment, the government will give free and communal obtain employment service, vocational training, do poineering work groom and skill grooms the aid such as allowance.

Finance is estimated 1% above regard obtain employment as special fund

Ask for opinion draft to plan to set, government of people of prefectural class above creates obtain employment special fund, according to obtain employment state and target of obtain employment job, press in year finance budget not under on year 1% of this class finance budgetary receipts, arrangement obtain employment is special capital, can raise money through much channel obtain employment is special capital.

Family of 0 obtain employment inside 30 days " mount guard "

Obtain employment of a member, can remove stability " family of 0 obtain employment " action, the sense is very great. Ask for opinion draft to plan to set, the town dweller family that the domestic personnel inside legal work age all is in unemployed state is belonged to via affirming solid, orgnaization of service of communal obtain employment ought to be inside 30 days, the at least one person in be this family offers proper obtain employment post.
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