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Official of the city that do not have stannum is large-scale job of communicatio
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On September 1, official of the city that do not have stannum is large-scale job of communication annulus hillock is started formally, participation officeholder number will amount to 3000 people left and right sides, occupy the 15 % that solid somebody of whole city official counts; Center an organization 2 every years to carry out sexual intercourse of officeholder whole town to shed round of hillock later, build favorable political modes of life and relation to their environment with this, configuration officeholder resource is optimized inside whole town limits and Lianzheng builds aggrandizement. This is this city official that the reporter holds from that day job of communication annulus hillock arouses the information that obtains on the meeting.

The key target that exchanges round of post without stannic city official is: Mothball cadre mixes class of place of city canal county an officeholder is full outstanding and young official of 5 years; Hold a post the officeholder that exceeds particular fixed number of year to ought to exchange round of post; Hold discipline executes the law, audit of cadre human affairs, finance, office, project is examined and approve, the officeholder on the full-time post such as fund management, project management. The main form of communication annulus hillock has cross sectional communication, cross area communication and branch inside annulus hillock 3 kinds. Cross the branch, officeholder number that crosses area communication to cannot have the 5 % of the number under officeholder fact, amount to 1000 people left and right sides about, among them 50% above lead functionary official for family level. Whole communicating round of hillock job finish inside a month, the officeholder that communication annulus post shared before the bottom in September holds a post to new post entirely.

The city that do not have stannum makes clear a regulation this: Close right increase to ensure officeholder, will pass " the individual is freewill " or " democracy is recommended " or " the organization is affirmatory " means, classics Party committee (leading Party group) collective research crosses the branch, person selected that crosses area communication and position certainly. These person selected and position still must be in this unit is public show 2 days of above, accept masses to supervise, hit through the computer match cent, automatically wait for new technology measure, reduce the factitious factor in the process as far as possible. Annulus before hillock is carried out, the city that do not have stannum is returned communicated round of hillock to undertake not nominative sampling investigation and network are investigated to beginning official, 1087 people are participated in. Sample among them the supportive rate of investigation is 97 % , hold crosscurrent it is 10 people only; Rate of network investigation support is to be as high as 100 % more.

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