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Shandong: Di of gorge Yao
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Begin special inspection regularly, increase orgnaization work out and staff to do sth without authorization, handle strictly
Orgnaization of straight unit of Shandong province province weaves and make offerings to moving cost of the defray of personnel and administration will get more strict control. Recently, 4 branches give out office of committee of organizing of hall of Shandong province finance, human affairs hall, censorial hall, orgnaization jointly " the announcement that saves management of information of staff of straight mechanism institution about the standard " , take the lead in building work out of staff information human affairs, finance, censorial much branch to combine condominium new mechanism in the whole nation.

According to the requirement, shandong saves each unit interior to will establish mechanism of condominium of personnel foundation information. Be careful in one's conduct of unit interior human affairs, financial, record is censorial wait for an orgnaization to its be in charge of each, build division of labor the condominium mechanism of clear, unified cooperation, strengthen data of this information of unit staff foundation to supervise the work jointly. Orgnaization of unit human affairs is in charge of providing data of information of foundation of the work out that with the newspaper branch of human affairs sending a province agrees, personnel to financial orgnaization; Orgnaization of unit finance affairs is in charge of examine and verify, additional data, enroll library of information of finance budget foundation; Censorial orgnaization whole process monitors unit period be careful in one's conduct and guard a pass to data.

Shandong saves human affairs to weave the branch will improve human affairs work out to run way further, enrich database of work out of perfect ways of the world, offer the complete information that budgetary management wants to inquire to door of Ministry of finance, the organization develops concerned data interface, facilitating finance department and the data of concerned unit apply, human affairs of sufficient play weaves information governs the function of achievement, advance human affairs to weave reform, institution reform and assignment system of mechanism institution income spend reform further. Save censorial mechanism to will be strengthened manage daily and supervise, support cooperates the branch such as human affairs work out, finance to do data of information of very normative staff to supervise the work, begin special inspection regularly, to deregulation, make a false report hides the truth from newspaper data, do sth without authorization to increase orgnaization work out and staff, press concerned regulation processing strictly.

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